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Els Dragt
Your trend guide, trend consultant

Hi, I’m Els Dragt and I’m on a mission to demystify the trend forecasting process, so that you’ll understand how it works and have the tools to conduct trend research yourself.

From a young age I’ve wondered why things are the way they are. I’m very interested in understanding people who challenge the status quo and create change.

After completing a master’s degree in Communication Studies at Twente University I decided to focus on qualitative research because it uncovers the “why” behind people’s attitudes and behaviors.

Along the way, I added ethnographic and observational research to my skill set, eagerly exploring the world to find interesting clues on the future. This is called “trendwatching” and I love it because it’s research in free-form where I can use my research skills to find signals of change.

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Trend exploration

Over the past two decades I have immersed myself in trend exploration, worked as a lecturer in trends and trained professionals in the trend research cycle. The lessons I learned on this journey I am now sharing with you.

My approach mirrors my personality: down-to-earth, transparent and flexible. I steer clear of vague trend guru talk and focus on providing practical guidance and advice.

As an independent trend consultant and trend trainer I am working with public and private organisations in diverse sectors, ranging from finance to fashion and from telecom to food. This satisfies my thirst for diversity.

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Trend consultant & trainer to empower others

Because I highly value freedom and autonomy, I coach and guide you in an empowering way that allows you to integrate trends into your daily work.

Interested in on-the-job coaching in your organisation or arranging a trend training for your team?

Let’s explore if we’re a trend match!

PS: I love reading, playing badminton, visiting exhibitions, meditating, eating cake, sipping tea and hiking.

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