People often ask me: do you know trend spotting job agencies where I can apply as a trend intern, trend spotter or trend consultant? Want to know my answer? Read on for a list of trend agencies to contact.


​First, it’s key to understand there are various agencies around the globe that are either specialised trend agencies or integrate trends within their broader offerings. Some work with a network of contributors, often called trend spotters or cool hunters. They often award contributors with incentives like a mention on their website, exclusive access to content and events, vouchers for buying books, etc. Some hire on a freelance basis and pay a corresponding amount of money. 



Second, it’s important to asses your skills to understand your position in the the trend industry.

For beginners: When you are a beginner in the field of trend research it can really pay off to join one or more of the spotters networks of trend agencies. Contributing regularly will really push you to develop your trend spotting skills. Because many of these networks are organised on an online platform you can also see the contributions of others and learn from these too.

For pros: When you are already a more experienced trend researcher you can opt for freelancing as a trend writer or editor for agencies who offer a trend related content platform to their clients. When you are specialised in a specific industry or topic and are in the know about the next and the new related to your specialisation you can also join expert panels or write themed articles on a freelance basis.




Below you can find a list of trend agencies or agencies who are integrating trends within their services. The agencies are mentioned in a random order and I’ve mainly focused on agencies who work with a network of trend collaborators. This list is under construction, so if you want to add to it feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.


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​Part of global trend agency and platform You can become part of their global community of trend professionals. By contributing trend spots you can get early access to content or win specific rewards.

Science of the Time

Dutch trend agency which works with a network of coolhunters around the globe. You can contact them to join their network.

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A UK based behavioural insights practice. They work with global network of experts and their editorial team also collaborates with freelance trend and culture writers.


A German trend agency and trend platform working with freelance industry insiders and trend scouts.

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 trend spottingjob


Trend Tablet

Content platform of trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort You can take part in a lively community of fellow designers, trend hunters, and innovators. You can contact Trend Tablet to contribute by writing content for their platform.

Illume Network

The spotters network of UK research agency Join the Dots. As an Illume Guide, you’ll earn rewards for helping gather local market examples of the changing consumer world, understand cultural differences, and spot emerging trends via your own experiences.





China Youthology

A qualitative consumer insights and youth marketing consulting agency in China. They specialize exclusively in understanding the Chinese youth consumer (ages 16-35). China Youthology also integrate trends in their research projects and you can apply as a Chinese trend spotter on their site.

Sense Network

The network of innovation agency Sense Worldwide. Join their global community as a Senser and get exclusive access to innovation projects, peer-to-peer collaborations and news/events from like-minded people from worlds unlike your own.

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 trends spotting job



​A Dutch boutique research agency working with a network of frontrunners and experts called ‘Sparks’. They recruit these often bespoke, but you can contact them to inquire about joining the network.

​Kantar Futures

Cultural streetscapes is a global network of research agency Kantar. It consists of culturally connected experts who gather and distill local intelligence, providing strategic and creative inspiration on a freelance basis.

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This is a list under construction, so if you want to add any trend related agencies that offer internships, spotters networks and so on, feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.
As a final note on this topic: it can also be worthwhile to contact market research agencies, design agencies and innovation agencies about collaborating as a trend correspondent or spotter. Go get ‘m tiger!