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I like to make complex knowledge accessible in a down-to-earth way.


/ How to Research Trends

The bestselling book about trends

‘How To Research Trends’ is your companion for understanding trends. The book shows that researching trends is a skill that combines the intuitive and the analytical. Based on a 3-step method, you can learn in a hands-on way to scan the world for signs of change, analyse your findings and apply your trend insights to kick start innovation. ​​

“Els Dragt’s book How to Research Trends has been an indispensable part of our curriculum. The book provides a highly practical methodology for conducting trend research. Based on Dragt’s approach, our students have developed not only relevant trend insights but also innovative design solutions that enhance the future of sustainability.”

– Trine Bekkersgaard Stark, Senior Lecturer at KEA
Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

 trend book written by Els Dragt    



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/ How to Research Trends – workbook


This trend workbook is a DIY guide that shows you the way in the trend research cycle. Use it to challenge yourself or your team to ‘learn-by-doing’. Don’t just read the book ‘How to Research Trends’, get yourself into the action mode!​

written by Els Dragt


how to trends workbook

how to research workbook


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/ Dare to Ask

Did you ask someone a question today?

Asking questions makes us human, it helps us to establish connections, learn and transform. This book turns the spotlight on the craft of asking questions. Learn the ropes from all walks of life, like Socrates, a hairdresser, Einstein, a help desk employee, Lao Tse and a police detective.

Book on questions by Els Dragt and Jeroen Timmer

Book about questions by Els Dragt & Jeroen Timmer

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